His Bad Driving Is No Secret (Santa)

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(I work with my mum and our workplace is only accessible via car. You have to drive on some really rural roads. Some drivers are really not good drivers at all, i.e., hard braking because another car approaches them, not going above 20 mph, decelerating and accelerating sporadically, driving in the middle of the road, etc. This morning I am in the car with my mum driving to work when this conversation happens:)

Mum: “Oh, yeah, I got [Notoriously Dad Driver] for Secret Santa.”

Me: “Get him Driving For Dummies. Or driving lessons.”

Mum: “He’s not that bad.”

Me: “A tractor overtook him! And a double-decker bus!”

(Mum laughs, and we talk about other things. That evening on the way home, we are in a queue of traffic going really slow that’s braking constantly. Mum determines it’s [Notoriously Bad Driver]. After braking several times for no reason in less than five minutes…)

Mum: “What was that book again?”

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