His Bad Behavior Is Off The Tracks

| Friendly | January 5, 2015

(As anyone living in Metro Manila can tell you, the train along the busiest thoroughfare in the country is almost always packed, especially during rush hour. The first few carriages are reserved for female passengers, as well as the elderly, disabled, and those with small children. The train that rolls up when it is my turn to board is surprisingly roomy, thus the passengers pile in, moving around an elderly man standing at the entryway. Things go smoothly until the train eventually fills up, and a woman tries to step into the space next to the man. All of a sudden, the elderly man attempts to shove her out much to everyone’s shock, but she manages to get on before the doors shut behind her.)

Woman #1: “Sir, what did you do that for?!”

Man: “You think you can just get away with pushing me?”

Woman #1: “I wasn’t pushing you on purpose. The people behind me were trying to get in, and I was pushed along by them.”

Man: “Just because I’m old, you think you can push me around? You can’t do that to me!”

Woman #1: “I’m only giving in because you’re elderly, but you should have more shame as a man.”

(The man continues to rant and mutter about his rights, and the woman is clearly agitated, but eventually settles down. Meanwhile, the rest of us watch in disbelief as the elderly man continues to shove everyone that comes near him for each station that we stop at.)

Woman #2: *whispering* “Does he think he’s a security guard?”

Woman #3: *whispering* “He’s consistent!”

(When it was my turn to alight from the train, I made it a point to give him a wide berth. He looked like he had a mean elbow shove to match his attitude!)

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