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His Attention Span Is On Lockdown

, , , , | Right | July 20, 2021

My city is currently in the midst of a two-week lockdown due to the health crisis. I am still turning up to work as our store is deemed essential, though most other stores in the same shopping complex are shut and at this point have been closed for about a week.

A customer walks in, already seemingly annoyed.

Customer: “Why is the [Insurance Provider] store closed?”

My store is in no way shape or form affiliated with this insurance provider other than being located next to it.

Me: “I’m not too sure, sir, but it’s probably due to the lockdown.”

Customer: “What lockdown?!”

Me: *Pauses* “Sir, we’re in a lockdown currently due to cases rising.”

Customer: “Why did it start today?!”

Me: *Pauses again* “Sir, it started last week.”

Customer: “…”

Me: “Sir?”

Customer: “Well how am I supposed to pay my bills?!”

Me: “I’m not sure sir, you could try… calling them?”

Customer: “That’s useless! I’m just not going to pay them, since you lot make everything so difficult! And don’t you dare think of charging me additional fees for your incompetence!”

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