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His Argument Is Offline

, , , , | Right | January 17, 2022

We have a special top-tier rewards card at the theater that has a monthly cost and gives you perks like free movies. Due to certain legal limitations and restrictions that require signing off on documents, you can only apply for this specific card online; you cannot sign up for it in the theater itself.

It’s been this way since corporate first introduced the card a few years ago. At no point whatsoever were customers able to sign up for this card in our theater.

A customer wanders up to me at the box office.

Customer: “I wanna sign up for that top-tier rewards card. You know, the one that gives you free movies and stuff.”

Me: “Fantastic! If you go to our website, you’ll be able to sign up on there.”

Customer: “Nah, I’m doing it here. I’ve always signed up for it here.”

Me: “I apologize, but we’re not able to sign you up for that particular card in-theater. But you can sign up for it right on our website.”

Customer: “But I’ve always been able to sign up for it here. I sign up for it all the time.”

Me: “Um, I apologize, but that’s not possible. That particular card has always been one you have to sign up for online.”

Customer: “Okay, but I’ve done it here before. I signed up for it all the time.”

Me: “I’m confused… Are you asking to get a free movie using the card?”

Customer: “No, I want to sign up for the card. I do it all the time here.”

Me: “Sir… I’m sorry, but I think you may be mistaken. The only way to sign up for that card is online. I’ve worked here since before we even offered that card, and ever since it was introduced, it was only available online.”

Customer:But I did it here all the time!

Me: “Sir, I’m sorry but that’s just not possible.”

Customer: “But I’ve done it before! Many times!”

The customer continued to argue with me for about another thirty seconds before I offered to get a manager. I got my manager, and he spent about a full minute going back and forth with the customer explaining the ins and outs of the card and reaffirming multiple times that it was never available for purchase in-theater. Despite this, he kept defiantly proclaiming that he signed up for it in-theater “all the time,” no matter how many times he was told that it was literally impossible.

He finally threw up his hands and paid for his ticket — sans card, of course — and acted like we were all complete idiots for not selling him a card that we’ve never been able to sell in-theater. He later tried to get a refund after his movie was already finished for… some reason?

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