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Hilarious Bad Customer Stories From Every State: Pennsylvania – Wyoming

| Right | July 3, 2020

Dear readers,

For our readers from the United States, we are approaching that loud and delicious holiday known as July 4th. To celebrate, Not Always Right is dusting off the archives to find a couple of stories from each and every US state, to give all our readers a brief but entertaining tour of The Great States Of Not Always Right!

Today: Pennsylvania – Wyoming!



2-Dense – You’re already wearing them, buddy. You’re already wearing them.

Dog On Demand – Dude, it’s a dog, not a washing machine.


Rhode Island:

A Detergent Deterrence – That’s a weird way to prove a point…

A Timeless Request – Time exists for no one but me!


South Carolina:

They’re Not Zits, But They Rhyme With Them – Someone needs a lesson in cat anatomy…

We Should Put A Cheesy Title Here But Then We’d Just Get Burned – If it burned your finger, it would burn your tongue, too, wouldn’t it?


South Dakota:

One Nation, Under God, Period – Time to graduate from a US map to a globe, my friend.

Went On A Jurassic Lark – Don’t forget your child, please-siosaur!



Creative Creature Literature 101 – Well, for one, shrews have furrier, pointier snouts…

Redial By Fire – If you look up the definition of insanity, this person’s picture appears.



Blind To Reason, Part 2 – Maybe if you just bag with one eye open…

Some Computer Owners Just Can’t Hack It – This customer sure hacked their laptop to pieces…



Holy F***, Indeed – Apparently, this bishop missed the bit in Colossians about “obscene talk from your mouth.”

Swords On A Plane – Bringing a knife to a plane fight… wait…



Tries To Put His Foot Down But Just Draws Blanks – This customer should probably just bake the guy a cake.

Dissecting Lies, Brit By Brit – This is what happens when you sleep through history… and geography…



Panda-Monium – Funny, we don’t remember pandas being mentioned in the Constitution.

When Logic Comes Crumbling Down – All it takes is cookies to keep your cool.



Customers This Dumb Are Rare – Why do people insist on ordering things if they don’t know what they are?!

Fowl Behavior, Part 3 – What this fool needs is a rubber chicken.


West Virginia:

Hats Off To Idiocy – If you’re going to be a criminal, at least be smart about it.

Scaring Them Straight Out – It’s always nice to have a manager who knows how to handle bigots.



A Calculated Whisk – Hypocrisy can be costly.

Fake On A Break – See the description for Hats Off To Idiocy.



Doesn’t Un-Dough-Stand What Pizza Is – We get it; some pizza places’ crust is better than others.

The Dumbest Animals In The Park Are… – Please practice social distancing from the animals.


Tomorrow: July 4th!

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We hope you enjoyed this collection of locations! Know any that we should have used? Let us know in the comments! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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