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Hilarious Bad Customer Stories From Every State: Montana – Oregon

| Right | July 2, 2020

Dear readers,

For our readers from the United States, we are approaching that loud and delicious holiday known as July 4th. To celebrate, Not Always Right is dusting off the archives to find a couple of stories from each and every US state, to give all our readers a brief but entertaining tour of The Great States Of Not Always Right!

Today: Montana – Oregon!



Havana Clue What She’s Talking About – This customer is racist and bad at geography!

Studying Post-Grammatic Stress – And this is a university student. Sigh.



Get The Correct Word, Step By Step – Someone really needs to educate this woman on what that other word means!

Not Usually Compa(red) – Sports fans see red over the strangest things…



The Fox Is Already Out Of The Bag – Imagine what this knowledge could be used for in the hands of the computer-people!

Caught In Your Own Conundrum – I guess they’ll just keep getting those letters, then.


New Hampshire:

Fighting Ignorance With Ignorance, Part 2 – This lady doesn’t even know who she’s being ignorant about!

Unsolved Mystery Shopper – Wait… what are we talking about?


New Jersey:

Undeveloped Mind – Too bad they don’t have a photographic memory…

You Drive Me Crazy – An overactive imagination doesn’t outweigh the rules!


New Mexico:

Now We Know Why Bob Retired – If Claudia’s dead, how can she give me my discount?!

This Game Has Been Well Trade – At least a few customers are receptive to logic!


New York:

A Real Classic – That, or the fact that he died half a century before the invention of the phonograph…

Not Exactly Driving Home His Point – It doesn’t sound like his premiums will go down any time soon.


North Carolina:

My Razor Valentine – Leonardo DiCaprio can make even the grisliest movie feel like a rom-com!

Was Gonna Say Stupid, But She Already Called It – [Editor was too busy facepalming to write this description.]


North Dakota:

Will Pay For That Later – Her couponing skills are impressive, but they’ve got nothing on her shade-throwing.

Developing Arrest – Can’t you just steal Dad’s beer like everyone else? (Don’t do this. Don’t drink underage.)



Posthumous Post-modernism – Jane Austen’s just talented enough to pull this one off.

Reality Bites, And So Do Customers – Haven’t they heard that truth is stranger than fiction?



Maybe They’re Having A Pow Wow At Starbucks – If you want to see that, maybe stick to the movies.

Full-On Fraud Fail – The crown jewel of the “Instant Karma” tag.



Enough To Make Your Water Boil – I didn’t get no sleep ’cause of y’all…

Like Himself, His Answer Was Full Of Crap – Didn’t this guy set his own security questions?


Tomorrow: Pennsylvania To Wyoming!

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We hope you enjoyed this collection of locations! Know any that we should have used? Let us know in the comments! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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