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Hilarious Bad Customer Stories From Every State: Illinois – Missouri

| Right | July 1, 2020

Dear readers,

For our readers from the United States, we are approaching that loud and delicious holiday known as July 4th. To celebrate, Not Always Right is dusting off the archives to find a couple of stories from each and every US state, to give all our readers a brief but entertaining tour of The Great States Of Not Always Right!

Today: Illinois – Missouri!



Some Guys Are Made Of The Right Stuff – Please tell us these books are for different purposes. Please.

(Don’t) See How They Run – You get a lot of wild hamsters in Illinois?



A Very Electric Blender – When will people learn that electronics + water = bad?

The Cake Is A Lie, Part 5 – This customer takes “not listening” to an entirely ridiculous level.



Bride Denied – That’s going to be one awkward reception.

Knocking The Door Of Opportunity – This father has some very unusual expectations for his daughter.



Bird Brained, Part 6 – This is why cell phones were invented, people.

Some Customers You Just Have To Let Slide – No one can make you feel like an idiot without your permission.



Between A Rock And A Hard Head – It only takes one pebble to start a kitchen fire.

Wishy-Washy Analogies – As long as they get the car there…



Fishing For The Truth – Maybe you shouldn’t order food if you don’t know what it is!

Ex-Box – Apparently, gaming consoles are more complicated than we thought.



Coupons Are A Big Deal – Some customers are much more charitable than others.

For Signs Of Stupidity, The Buck Stops Here – Any volunteers to teach the deer how to read?



Contains Scenes Of A Fraudulent Nature – Your decisions are your own, but at least own it!

Emulation Alienation – This customer takes the long way around to get a faster gaming experience.



A-B-C, Easy As D-U-H – Somebody needs to take a drop-in kindergarten class…

Acting Rashly – Help desk workers deserve hazard pay for calls like this.



His Heart Just Wasn’t In It – Your heart surgery can wait; I need my sandwich!

Cinnamon Never Tasted So Bitter – How dare you be helpful and pleasant with customers?!



Too Closed For Comfort – No one told this customer you can’t believe everything you read.

The Estrogen Empire Strikes Back, Part 2 – Mr. Big would be so disappointed.



At Lagerheads – What part of “don’t drive drunk” does this guy not understand?!

Sir Dude – This cashier proves there are many ways to be polite.



Your Stupidity Has No Match – Gosh, why won’t stores just give me money?!

Grandma Vs The Internet – Al Gore may have “created” the Internet, but Grandma just killed it.


Tomorrow: Montana – Oregon!

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We hope you enjoyed this collection of locations! Know any that we should have used? Let us know in the comments! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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