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Hilarious Bad Customer Stories From Every State: Alabama – Idaho

| Right | June 30, 2020

Dear readers,

For our readers from the United States, we are approaching that loud and delicious holiday known as July 4th. To celebrate, Not Always Right is dusting off the archives to find a couple of stories from each and every US state, to give all our readers a brief but entertaining tour of The Great States Of Not Always Right!

Today: Alabama to Idaho!



Suffering From A-Salt – This volunteer has a salty response for an audacious patron!

Inventors Should Get Out Of Their Shell – At least this crazy request ends with a potential solution?



Best Oosik To What You Know – Get ready to learn something you’re not sure you wanted to know…

Giving The French Stick – A customer tries to prove a point… but it doesn’t quite stick.



Pane-ful Marriage – She saw the window of opportunity to save face, and she took it.

Hugh Do You Think You Are – She wants to dance like Uma Thurman… when she finally ends this call!



Love Isn’t As Priceless As It Used To Be – Can’t buy me love; it costs five whole dollars!

Honesty Is Not Always The Best Policy – And your son’s name was what, again?



Welcome To B.C. Bookstores – This girl’s about to have a bit of a Revelation…

Goodbye Fighting, Hello Kitty – Who would want to play against the fearsome Pretty Kitties?!



Chip Off The Old (Cell) Block – Sounds like someone doesn’t know what “micro” means.

Fish Trek 2: It All Goes Downstream From Here – I can’t wait to see my dishwasher instruction book on the big screen!



Go Flush – Those poor, poor fish…

War Can Be Taxing – Using your brain is a revolutionary act these days!



Medical Training These Days Is Shocking – Operation: Cure Our Boredom!

Flattery Is Fully Charged – Maybe if the servers wore paper bags over their heads?



If You Can’t Bear Them, Join Them – Sometimes all it takes is the old switcheroo.

The Orlando Hillbillies – Have… have they never been to hotel before?!



At Least They Enjoyed The Spew – We don’t even want to know what she pushed it under the seat with…

Devil In Disguise – At least it was an easy cruci-fix!



Winding Down On Dialing Up – I mean, you could also just knock on his door…

Bad Karma Chameleons – Who’s volunteering to break the news to the crickets?



Speaking Posh Gets You No Dosh – Apparently, the person they’re looking for isn’t so grammatically correct.

This Customer Can Go Truck Himself – This guy seems determined to prove trucker stereotypes right.


Tomorrow: Illinois – Missouri!

We hope you enjoyed this collection of locations! Know any that we should have used? Let us know in the comments! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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