Higher Than His Intelligence Level, That’s For Sure

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I work at an on-campus smoothie shop throughout college and have had many interesting and funny interactions with other students during my time here. This one has always stuck out to me.

Two guys approach my register, and one of them has incredibly red eyes and looks pretty, well, “baked.”

Me: “Hi! What can I get you guys?”

Guy #1: “Yeah… Uh, yeah. Can I get—um… I want strawberry and banana. What comes in that?”

Me: “Our strawberry banana smoothie is called [Smoothie #1]. It has strawberries and bananas and it also comes with milk, sugar, and van—”

Guy #1: “Yeah, it’s good, it’s good, it’s good. What about [Smoothie #2]?”

Me: “That one is mostly banana and ice cream. It’s very good! It’s thick like a milkshake, though.”

Guy #1: “So, it’s a milkshake?”

Me: “Well, it’s a smoothie. It’s just a bit thick.”

Guy #1: “It’s a milkshake?”

Me: “It’s a banana smoothie with some ice cream.”

Guy #1: “Okay. It’s a milkshake?”

I’m starting to realize we could be here all day.

Me: “Yeah, kind of.”

Guy #1: “I’ll get that. Does it— Um. Will it taste like a smoothie?”

Guy #2: *Totally embarrassed* “Dude, the store is called Smoothie [Shop]. They serve smoothies; they’re all gonna taste like smoothies! Please just pick something!”

I thought the whole interaction was hilarious. It was also not the last time we got some really high students in our store.

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