High-Flying Low-Blows

| Related | October 12, 2016

(A cousin of ours has recently had a baby, and has been posting a lot of pictures about the baby. My sister and I don’t like children. I am also currently unemployed)

Sister: “Can [Cousin] stop posting pictures about her baby? It’s seriously getting annoying. It’s all she does these days.”

Mum: “I know, but that’s what her life is now.”

Me: “My life is all about [Dog] right now, but you don’t see me posting pictures of him all day.”

Mum: “Yes, but [Cousin] was a high-flying professional before she had the baby, so it’s a bit of a come-down for her…”

(At this point my dad and sister lose it, and Mum goes bright red.)

Mum: “No… I mean…”

Me: *sarcastic* “I get that I’m nothing at the moment, but I thought you at least supported me.”

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