Hide To Save Your Hide

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(I work the hotel bar during a wedding, serving the guests who are not part of the wedding party. There is one drunk guy hanging around the bar all night. The wedding ends around 5:00 am. There are four of us working, [Colleague #1] being the only man. I’m about to leave the ballroom where the wedding took place to bring empty glasses to the dishwasher at the bar. I start helping with cleanup, as no one is ordering anything anymore.)

Colleague #1: “Hey, don’t! Stay inside the ballroom; that guy has been asking for you!”

Me: “What guy?”

Colleague #1: “The drunk one. He has been asking [Colleagues #2 & #3] about you.”

Me: “I can’t give him another drink. He’s had enough already.”

Colleague #1: “He’s asking when you’ll be back, when you leave, if you live alone… Just stay inside, please.”

(I stay in the room for as long as I can. When I finally want to go to our back office, I am intercepted by [Colleague #1] again.)

Colleague #1: “Sorry, but just stay there. He’s now running all over the floor searching for you. I’m in the adjacent room to disassemble the buffet; call me if you need me.”

(I was stuck in the ballroom for more than an hour until the guy finally gave up and went up to his room. My colleague still insisted on accompanying me to my car that morning. Hopefully, this will remain the only time something like this happens, especially with no manager on site.)

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