Hidden Rocks Versus Easter Eggs

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Hidden Rocks are small rocks that people paint with flowers or other designs, usually with amusing or encouraging messages on them. In the garden store where I work, one of the managers has two children who paint them in their church youth group, so we find them around the store pretty regularly.

About a week before Easter, I find one on the garden center register. It’s painted with some flowers and a little pink bunny and says, “Hoppy Easter.” I decide to leave it for a customer to find and put it on a shelf where I can see it from the counter.

Surprisingly, no one finds it for several days.

An older woman comes up to the counter along with a little boy about five years old. Although they don’t say much, the stress and anxiety just pour out from both. I think maybe I can cheer up the boy a little. While the lady is putting away her wallet, I talk to the little guy.

Me: “I see something real cute. I think the Easter Bunny might have left it. Would you like to see?”

This poor kid is absolutely stone-faced but nods his head. I walk over to the shelf and point to the rock. This kid’s face just lights up. The transformation is amazing. He grabs the rock and runs over to his Grandma.

Boy: “Grandma! Grandma! Look what I finally found! Can I keep it? Now I have one, too!”

Grandma looks like she is ready to cry.

Grandma: “Of course you can keep it, sweetheart. We’ll take it home and put it with mine.”

Then, she looks at me.

Grandma: “You have no idea what you’ve done for him today. His mother was in a bad car accident a few days ago. His dad has been at the hospital ever since and he’s been with me. We still don’t know if his mom will make it. This is the first time he’s smiled since it happened. Thank you, my dear. God bless you and Happy Easter.”

They left with the little boy still holding his rock and chattering happily. Fortunately, there was no one else in line as I needed a minute to pull myself together.

I never saw the lady again, so I don’t know if the boy’s mom was okay, but I told the manager that her kids did a good thing. Thank you to the painter who helped a little boy have a few happy moments in what had to be a horrible time.

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