Hiccups For The Holidays

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(It is Christmas time, and I have travelled home to spend the holidays with my parents. One evening we are playing a quiz-style game on the Wii, with my mom and sister on one team and my dad and me on the other. However, I have got stubborn hiccups that just won’t go away, making it hard to answer the questions. It’s worth noting that my dad is a former police officer, and is a very laid-back man with a wicked sense of humour. However, he seems to be getting increasingly frustrated at my inability to answer questions quick enough, and just before the new round starts turns to me, grasping me by my shoulders.)

Dad: *angry-faced and shouting* “Are you going to get a grip and play properly, or are you GOING TO BE A T***?!”

(The room is shocked into silence. The dog who was asleep has startled awake, and I stare dumbstruck at my dad trying to figure out a reply. He suddenly breaks into a devilish grin and declares:)

Dad: “See?! A good scare works wonders for hiccups!”

(We all laughed because he was right; he scared the pants off of me, but cured my hiccups! Once we stopped laughing and the dog had settled down on my dad’s lap to sleep again, we carried on with our game. Dad and I won!)

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