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He’s Totally Dome With You!

, , , | Right | May 18, 2022

Summer in the Catskills can get buggy and hot. Summer in the Catskills is also where the dumber rich people go to “get away from it all and go back to nature.” It rains for a full day and then the sun comes out in the afternoon. Suddenly, all the bugs chilling while it was raining come out in full force. I am at the concierge desk.

Guest: “All these bugs are unacceptable. When are you putting up the dome?”

Me: “The ‘dome’?”

Guest: “Yeah, the electric force dome around the resort that keeps the bugs out.”

Me: “The… electric… dome?”

Guest: “Yeah, the dome that keeps bugs out!”

Me: “That’s not a real thing.”

The guest then called me a stupid red-neck who didn’t know how to do my job and demanded I call the owner of the resort, who was like some Swedish billionaire.

I called my manager, instead. He repeated the same complaint to my manager, who was speechless. We called the resort manager to help deescalate this guy who was LIVID that we were not deploying non-existent technology in an area rampant with rural poverty, because why would we improve local infrastructure for the whole county when we could have a giant bug zapper?

He stormed off after we kept calling more staff to listen to his demands, including the head of maintenance, all of us very much failing to hide how hard we were laughing.

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