He’s Per-Fuming

| Romantic | December 9, 2016

(It’s Halloween weekend. We visit a couple of friends living in a somewhat nearby village for a small party. Because the busses are not that great in the evenings from there and we don’t have a car, we sleep over at their house. The next morning we pack our bags, or so we think, then we all hang out a bit more before we leave, not double checking if we have everything. I am the last one to have been in the guest bathroom earlier, and when we are on the bus I even remark that my bag seems too light. Turns out the toiletries bag stayed behind. In the evening we are cuddling on the couch.)

Me: “You smell nice.” *snuggles*

Boyfriend: “Oh, yeah, it’s that perfume I got from [Sister]. You like it?”

Me: “Yeah, I—”

Boyfriend: *interrupting* “Well, too bad SOMEBODY left it in Hörby!”

(Luckily there was nothing we desperately need in that bag and we’ll get it back next time we see the friends. Unfortunately they went on a long trip to Cuba.)

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