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He’s Not Taking These Accusations Sitting Down!

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This happened many years ago. Back then, smartphones weren’t a thing yet; all we had were regular phones that could call, text, and play simple games like Tetris or Snake. Think of devices like the famous 3310.

Teachers are all annoyed by students using their phones to text during class. It is the rule that if you are caught using your phone during class, you have to hand over your phone and your parents have to come to the school to get it back.

Teacher: “[Student], stop texting and bring your phone here.”

Student: “I wasn’t texting.”

Teacher: “Don’t lie to me! Bring your phone here now!”

Student: “I’m not lying! I don’t even have a phone!”

Teacher: “I said don’t lie to me!”

The teacher goes to the student’s desk and holds out her hand.

Teacher: “Give me the phone.”

Student: “I just told you I don’t have a phone!”

Teacher: “Enough! You will give me the phone now, or there will be consequences!”

Student: “I can’t give you what I don’t have!”

He pulls out his trouser pockets to show they’re empty.

Teacher: “Well, I saw you slip it into your backpack!”

Student: “That’s a lie!”

Teacher: “That’s it! You’ll get written up, and you will serve detention!”

She turns around to go back to her desk. At that moment, the student stands up so quickly that he knocks over his chair. The loud noise makes the teacher turn around again. [Student] picks up his backpack and starts dumping the contents onto his desk, all the while yelling.


The teacher just stands there, flabbergasted, watching. Once the backpack is empty, the student tosses it aside, points at the pile of books, notebooks, and other stuff on his desk, and demands one more time.

Student: “WHERE?!”

There was no phone. The student had told the truth; he did not own a phone at that time. The student did not get in trouble. Apparently, the principal said something along the lines of, “If you’re accused and punished for something you didn’t do, you have a right to get angry.” The teacher later apologized to the student.

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