He’s Not Feeling That Friday Feeling

, , | Right | June 10, 2020

This hotel only serves breakfast. In Israel, a lot of things close Friday afternoon due to the Shabbat. I’m the receptionist. The guest has been staying in the hotel for a few days now.

Guest: “I’d like to have dinner tonight here at the hotel.”

Me: “I’m sorry, the kitchen is closed and we don’t have dinner. I can recommend restaurants that are open or a shop where you can get food that is within walking distance.”

At that moment, a coworker comes and brings me a little takeaway box with my dinner: cold leftover food from breakfast that is for the employees.

Guest: “What is that? I also want food.”

Me: “I’m sorry, that is some cold food and my only dinner; I’m here until 11:00 pm and I don’t really have a break to go get myself anything else.”

Guest: “So share it with me.”

Me: “No, that is all I have to eat.”

Guest: “Are there any more of those boxes? “

Me: “There are enough boxes exactly for the employees.No spares.”

Guest: “Call the other employees and see if they will give me their dinner.”

Me: “I will not be doing that. People at work need to eat and are counting on this food.”

The guest turns to other people waiting for a taxi.

Guest: “You see this? The employees get to eat but the guests don’t!”

As the guest is leaving, one of the people waiting for the taxi turns to me.

Other Guest: “Now you can definitely say you’ve seen it all!”

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