He’s Not Driving A Ford Siesta

, , | Related | September 14, 2020

We are on a long family road trip, and my dad is driving and keeping himself occupied by making us groan to his ‘dad jokes.’

Dad: “What concert costs just 45 cents?”

Mom: “Here we go…”

Dad: “50 Cent featuring Nickelback!”

Cue the whole car groaning.

Dad: “My friend keeps saying “cheer up man it could be worse, you could be stuck underground in a hole full of water.” I know he means well.”

Me: “Dad… that’s enough.”

Dad: “Do you think glass coffins will be a success? Remains to be seen.”

Mom: “Honey, I think you need to take a nap. Let me drive a while?”

Dad: “Nope! I am guilty of resisting a rest!”


It was a very long drive…

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