He’s Lined Up For An Argument

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(I’m at the post office to deliver a package. As I’m waiting for the worker to finish inputting information on his computer, another worker comes up to the counter, towing a cart with a single box on it; he then calls to a woman standing against the wall with a slip in hand to pick up a package. When she walks up to receive help, an older man walks out of the line and approaches her.)

Man: *tapping her shoulder* “Excuse me, ma’am, but I was standing in line there and you just cut in front of me.”

Woman: *after looking startled for a moment* “Oh, he just called me up for a pick-up. I wasn’t in the line.”

Man: “Yes, but I was in the front of the line there and you just cut ahead of me.”

Woman: “I was already waiting against that wall over there to pick up a package. I didn’t—“

Man: “I know, but I was in the front of the line and you just cut ahead of me. I should have been next.”

(At this point, the worker who’s assisting her cuts in.)

Worker: “Sir, she was just waiting for a pick-up. She didn’t cut the line; I called her over here.”

Man: “Yes, I know, but I was in front and she just cut ahead of me. She shouldn’t have gone ahead of me; I was supposed to be next.”

Worker: “She wasn’t in the line, sir. She was waiting for me to retrieve her package. I couldn’t assist you over here. I’m just giving her a package.”

Man: “I know, but she just shouldn’t have done that. I was in the front of the line.”

Worker: “I’m sorry, sir, but she’s just picking up a package. I wouldn’t have been able to help you.”

Man: “Yes, I know, that’s fine. But she shouldn’t have done that.”

(The man returns to the line, and the woman scurries away with her package, looking flustered. The worker shakes his head and throws his hands up.)

Worker: *pushing his empty cart away* “I’m sorry, sir, but I couldn’t have helped you even if I wanted to!”

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