He’s Forking Serious

, , , , | Right | July 9, 2019

(I am a customer at a small medical supply store. While I am being rung up, a man comes into the store. The only other employee working goes up to him and asks how he can help him.)

Customer: “Do you have any plastic forks?”

Employee: *looking confused* “I’m sorry?”

Customer: “Plastic forks? Do you sell them?”

Employee: “No, I’m sorry.”

Customer: “You don’t?”

Employee: “No, we do not.”

Customer: “Why not?”

Employee: *pointing to the display of wheelchairs and walkers/canes* “We only sell medical supplies.”

Customer: *getting upset* “Well, I just got takeout from [Fast Food Place up the road] and I noticed they didn’t give me a plastic fork. How can I eat my food without a fork?!”

Employee: *being nice* “Maybe you should go back there and ask for a fork?”

Customer: *face getting red with anger* “Really?! That’s your solution?! I’ll go next door and get a fork! Thanks for nothing!” *storms out*

Employee: *turns back to us* “Good luck to him. Next door is a dry cleaner.”

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