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He’s Too Flutter-shy To Buy The Shirt

, , | Related | September 11, 2017

(My brother and I are both in our mid-twenties. We’re browsing in a shop when he spies a “My Little Pony” magazine – he’s a Brony all right, but rather shy about it. He really wants that magazine, but doesn’t dare buy it. I offer to buy it for him and go to check out while he waits near the exit, but all through the transaction the cashier seems to struggle not to laugh. A bit later we’re sitting down outside on a bench when it suddenly dawns on me.)

Me: “[Brother], I don’t think the lady in the shop believed that I bought that magazine for myself.”

Brother: “Huh? Why not? You’re a girl!”

Me: “Yeah, but you’re the one wearing a Fluttershy t-shirt…”

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