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He’s Doing Better Now

, , | Right | May 3, 2017

(I get a call from a number I don’t recognise. I answer it.)

Telemarketer: *sounding tired* “Hello, is Miss [My Name] there?”

Me: “Yes, speaking.”

Telemarketer: “Hello, Miss [My Name]. How are you today?”

Me: “I’m actually very well thanks, and yourself?”

Telemarketer: “I… wait, what?”

Me: “How are you doing?”

Telemarketer: “Nobody ever asks me that…”

(I felt really sorry for the guy after that and let him go through the rest of his script. Turned out he was from my phone provider trying get me to switch to a “better” plan, which I declined. He was very gracious about it and said it was just a novelty for him to ever get that far in the script before being hung up on, let alone being asked how he was doing.)