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He’s Awfully Kind

| Working | April 26, 2017

(My manager and I get along very well. I’ve been working for him for about two years and while it’s a great job, I found out about another rare employment opportunity that would be too good to pass up. It’s a long shot, but I apply. I have been forthcoming with him throughout the process, telling him about it even before the application window opened. He says many times that while he hopes I get it because it would be great for me, he also hopes I don’t because he doesn’t want to lose me from the staff. After I turn in my application, I hear nothing for literally two months before finally being called to let me know I’ve made it to the first round of interviews and arranging for me to meet the hiring committee. I arrange with a coworker to cover my shift on the day of the interview, and then call my manager to let him know as I won’t see him for a couple days and don’t want to delay in notifying him.)

Me: “So the reason he’s covering for me is… I finally got a call back from [Prospective Employer]. I have an interview that day.”

Manager: “You’re a b****.”

Me: *laughing* “I know you mean it with love, so thank you.”

Manager: “Yeah… I know this is a great thing for you, but I really hope you do terribly. Just awful.”

Me: “I appreciate it! See you Friday!”

Manager: “See you then!”

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