He’s An Alfredo Dodo

, , , | Right | April 11, 2020

(I’m a dishwasher at a restaurant. I hear this exchange between a server and a cook. A customer is being difficult and both employees are absolutely baffled.)

Cook: “So, let me get this straight. Buddy over there wants a chicken mushroom fettuccine, with no chicken and no mushrooms?”

Server: “Yeah.”

Cook: “So, just a fettuccine alfredo, then.”

Server: “Yeah, but he’s not listening to me. I’m trying to save him five bucks by telling him to get the fettuccine alfredo to save a bit of money, but he’s not listening.”

Cook: “That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard in my life. You’re going outta your way to save the guy some money and he’s being a total d**k.”

Server: “Customer’s always right, eh?”

Cook: *with a big grin* “D*** straight. Too proud to admit his own stupidity, but you gave him the chance. Chicken mushroom fettuccine, no chicken, no mushrooms coming up!”

(Meanwhile, I could hear other cooks snickering in the background and one of them asked, “Really, dude? REALLY?” One of the most amusing customer complaints ever!)

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