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He’s All Fingers And No Thumbs Today

, | Working | March 2, 2017

(I am working constructing the set for our recent play. Some of the guys on the set crew are very no-nonsense burly guys who’ve been building stuff since they were toddlers. They tend to brush off a lot of minor injuries, but also cause them, so we keep a medical kit nearby just in case. On this day, I’m drilling holes in a board when I heard a swear from a burly guy I’m working with. He walks up to be casually.)

Burly Guy: “Hey, [My Name], can you get me a band-aid?”

Me: “Yeah, you cut yourself?”

Burly Guy: “Eh, sort of.”

(I just then realize he’s holding one hand with the other. When he pulls it back, he has a giant NAIL sticking through his thumb.)

Burly Guy: “I don’t wanna yank it out until I have something to wrap it with.”

Me: “Uh… we’re gonna need more than a band-aid.”

(It took a little convincing but he let me drive him to the ER.)

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