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He’s Adding Fuel To The Fire That Will Bring Him Down

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I was coming home from [Theme Park] and needed to stop for gas. I have a hybrid that displays how many miles I have left until empty. When I pulled into this particular gas station, I noticed I had 13 miles left. 

I went inside to pay, as I also wanted to buy a drink. On the way in, I noticed a sign on the front door that said this location was privately owned and operated. I paid for $10 to the pump where my car was parked, and the cashier even double-checked based on the car’s color. 

I went outside to pump gas, and then when I was finished I got back into my car and turned it on. I noticed that the gas gauge hadn’t moved and my car was still displaying 13 to empty. 

I got out of my car and just went to try to manually pay for my gas at the pump. The screen wouldn’t come on, so I figured something must have been wrong at that pump. I decided to drive around to a different pump. 

I went back inside and politely told the cashier that the pump wasn’t working. I had paid the money, but no gas came out into my car, even though the pump displayed the numbers like it did.

At first, the cashier was very kind and refunded the charge for me, showing me a refunded receipt for my transaction number. He then asked me to run my card again for the new pump. Which I did. I kept all three receipts: the first receipt, the refund, and the second purchase. 

I went back outside and attempted to pump gas again. I watched the screen as the numbers shot up faster than I’d ever seen any other gas pump. I heard strange sounds that didn’t sound like any other time I’d pumped gas. So, out of curiosity, I stopped the pump, pulled the nozzle out, and attempted to quickly spray a little gas on the ground, to make sure I wasn’t being paranoid. Nothing came out. 

At this point, I stopped pumping gas and took all three of my receipts inside to complain again. Before I could even begin to speak, the cashier was holding up some sort of receipt that showed that out of my $10 purchase, I had pumped $9.99 of gas, so he owed me nothing. I told him this was not the case, as I had maybe pumped $6 worth before stopping and testing the gas myself and noticing nothing came out. 

I stood there and tried to calmly discuss with this man for over three minutes. He would not listen to a word I said. I tried to ask him to accompany me outside so I could show him my empty gas meter. He refused to leave the register, which I understand. I offered to call the police to come to settle this, and he basically just stopped responding at all. 

I finally told him that he could either refund my purchase or that I would simply refute the purchase with my bank, as I had video evidence that nothing was coming out of the pumps and that I got nothing in return for my money. He still refused to refund me.

It was at this point that he chose to point out to me that he charges $6.99 per gallon, even though the standard in Florida right now is $2 to $3 for the cheapest option. I was completely flabbergasted. He was trying to convince me that because he charged so much, that it wouldn’t look like much in my tank. I told him that was irrelevant, as nothing had changed with my gas gauge at all. 

I just kept getting angrier and angrier, because I still needed gas and couldn’t go more than 13 miles without having to stop again. So, I was now out this $10 and I was irritated that I was scammed. 

I finally just had to leave, but I made sure to tell every single person in the parking lot the price of gas at this station, and the fact that at least two of the pumps aren’t pumping any gas at all. I also mentioned the cashier’s unwillingness to refund you if you’re basically scammed out of money without gas. 

I wish I had stayed in the gas station and called the police to handle it. But at this point, I was so angry and upset that I just wanted to find a different gas station and go home. I could refute the charges once they weren’t pending. 

When I got home, I was telling a friend this story. I checked my bank statement and noticed that he not only charged me the first time, which was never refunded at all, but he charged me a second time, and then began to charge me a third time, with that pending $1 thing that gas stations do. He did attempt to refund me a single dollar, but nothing more than that. As soon as these charges stop pending, I’m calling my bank with video evidence of how I got scammed at a greedy gas station.

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