He’s Acting Argumental

| Romantic | July 17, 2013

(In my relationship, I’m known for arguing things even when I’m wrong. I do it for fun, really, and often times will say something silly or express a stupid idea to prompt a disagreement. They usually end in me making a fool of myself, and my girlfriend laughing at me for being an idiot. I’m driving along with my girlfriend when we pass by a ‘Drive-Thru’ sign.)

Me: “Drive-Thru… they should be called ‘drive-around’!”

Girlfriend: “Yeah, you’re right.”

Me: “Because you don’t—wait, did you agree with me?”

Girlfriend: “Yeah, you’re right. You don’t really drive through.”

Me: *pouting* “Oh.”

Girlfriend: “What?”

Me: “You were supposed to disagree with me.”

Girlfriend: “Why would I?”

Me: “You were supposed to argue, so I could say “because you don’t really drive through them. You drive around. If you drove through it would go in the middle of the restaurant.” And then you were going to call me an idiot, and I was going to keep on demanding that they be called ‘drive arounds’.”

Girlfriend: “You’re upset that I’m not arguing with you?”

Me: “Well… I don’t know what to do now.”

Girlfriend: *sighs* “Fine. Why should they be called drive around?”

Me: “Because you don’t actually—”

Girlfriend: “You’re an idiot.”

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