He’s About To Get Tow-tally Annihilated

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We had issues with customers parking in our gas station parking lot and then going up to the big casino whose property we were on. Both the casino and station were owned by the same tribe, but the rule was that if you went to the casino, you could not use the gas station parking lot, even though it was closer. They had a free shuttle to and from the lots at all times, so there was really no excuse.

As I was coming in from pulling trash by the pumps, I saw a giant truck in one of the two handicap parking spaces directly in front of the station. Because of so many people parking in these spots without permission, it was just second nature to check the vehicle for visible signs it was allowed. This truck had no handicap tags, placard, or stickers. I went into the miniature casino that was in the same building as the station, but there was only one customer there. When I asked, she said it wasn’t hers.

I called security and asked them to make an announcement for the owner of the truck to come move it. I gave the tag number and description, and asked them to let the customer know that if it wasn’t gone in fifteen minutes, it would be towed.

As another security officer came down for the hourly checkup, an enraged man came, as well, cursing and screaming about having to move his vehicle. I was outside again, and security stood there as a precaution. I told him that not only was he not supposed to use our parking lot if he was in the main casino, but he had no visible handicap tags.

He continued to scream and rant at me, and it was making me angrier and angrier. Security was trying to hide his smile and look professional.


“Sir,” I said, a little tersely. “There is a marking of a person in a wheelchair underneath your vehicle, right now.”


“Yes, sir, I violated the laws of physics, lifted your truck up, painted it under there, and then gently lowered it back down. Move your truck or I’m having it towed.”

He moved it one spot over. “There, you f****** b****. I’ve got another fifteen minutes.”

“Dude, if you walk off, I’m having it towed.”

He walked off, flipping me off, and I looked to the security officer.

“Let me call the tow truck. Please.”

“That was the funniest thing I’ve seen all day. Go for it.”

The tow truck got there in ten minutes, spent another five loading the vehicle up, and sat there another ten as the driver came in for something to drink before leaving.

Ten minutes after that, the customer stormed in, screaming, “WHERE IS MY TRUCK?!”

I took great pleasure in saying, “Probably the impound lot by now. I really hope you hit the jackpot.”

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