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He’s About As Rational As Most Bosses

, , , , , , | Right | CREDIT: Dark909911 | November 29, 2020

I work as a building supervisor with seven buildings I take care of. I also have a side job as a contractor to paint any apartment that needs it. I only do this part-time because of other duties from my buildings.

If I don’t have time for painting, my employer hires outside workers. I have been a painter for about eight years and do a very good job. I want everything perfect.

I have other building supers who are taking care of my buildings for two weeks that I’m taking off. My son started talking really early, and by two, he could speak quite clearly. He doesn’t make much sense, but you can understand every word he says.

I get a call from one of my tenants.

Tenant: *Angrily* “You must come to my place and paint my living room. My grandkids colored all over the walls with Sharpies! I have company coming and I will be totally embarrassed if they see my walls in this condition.”

Me: *Kindly* “I am on my two-week vacation and can’t help you.”

She starts screaming into the phone.

Tenant: “It’s your job! You have to come to paint for me or I won’t pay my rent next month.”

Me: “Please call the building owners and explain that to them. They have three other painters on call.”

That goes over like a loud fart in church!

Me: “Ma’am, my painting job and landlord status are two separate jobs, and I am on a two-week vacation from both.”

The tenant hangs up and calls the building owner. Then, the building owner calls me to ask my side. I tell her and she just laughs about it.

Building Owner: “If she calls back, just have fun. But she knows better than to threaten holding the rent back, because I warned her that if she doesn’t pay, she can’t stay.”

Less than five minutes later, I get the call I am expecting from the crazy tenant.

Tenant: “I just spoke to your boss! They said that you have to be here tonight to get my painting done immediately!”

Me: *Laughing* “I already talked to [Building Owner], and I am still on vacation.”

Tenant: “I mean your boss for your painting job!”

Me: “Oops.” *Laughs*

Malicious compliance activated!

Me: “He is right here beside me. I’ll put you on speaker so we can all straighten this out together.”

I put the phone on speaker and tell my son he is wanted on the phone. He LOVES talking on the phone. He doesn’t listen to the person on the phone; he just tells them all about what’s going on with his day, what he is watching on TV, about the puppy pooping in the grass, etc.

The tenant couldn’t be rude to a toddler, so after a few minutes of him chattering away, I pick up the phone and take it off speaker. This sends my little man into a freak-out.

Me: *To the tenant* “That’s my boss. By the sounds of him right now, it doesn’t look like I can make it tonight.”

She just hung up. I didn’t get another call from her.