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He’s A Real Pizza Work

, , , , | Working | March 10, 2022

As a vegetarian, I’m used to having to check my pizza for meat before accepting it. One time, my friends and I got pizza delivered. I ordered a Hawaiian pizza without meat. When it arrived, my friend accepted it. When I checked mine, it was just a regular Hawaiian pizza with meat on it. Everyone else’s orders were perfect.

I had to ask for my pizza to be remade and redelivered.

When the pizza guy came back, he actually brought me a meat lover’s pizza and just left.

I called the store and asked for a manager.

Manager: *Quickly* “Don’t let anyone eat that! I discovered that our delivery driver took it from a pile of old pizzas which had been sitting out for too long and were destined for the trash bin.”

The manager himself remade my pizza and drove it out to me.

I can only assume the original delivery driver brought me an old meat lover’s pizza on purpose. I’m just glad that the store’s manager actually cared about their customers.

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