He’s A Real Character

| Romantic | April 22, 2013

(My boyfriend and I are texting. He makes a ‘:S’ emoticon with his keyboard.)

Me: “That face looks weird capitalized.”

Boyfriend: “You hurt his feelings!”

Me: “Bah! Tell him I’m sorry!”

Boyfriend: “The deed i* done. He already killed him*elf.”

Me: “What have I done?!”

Boyfriend: “Don’t in*ult the letter* on my keyboard.”

Me: “Oh, I get what you’re doing. Did just your letter die, or did mine die as well?”

Boyfriend: “He committed *uicide. He’* dead.”

Me: “I’m waiting for you to mess this up.”

Boyfriend: “Ju*t try me.”

Me: “Your ‘m’ is ugly too.”

Boyfriend: “It’* *urder! It’* all your fault. How doe* it feel?”

Me: “I don’t think I can put words to it.”

Boyfriend: “You’re one *tupid *eanie face.”

Me: “Aww…”

Boyfriend: “You killed the*. Now I need to find *ore.”

Me: “The ‘o’ is a little irregular shaped. What is wrong with your keys?”

Boyfriend: “Great. GREAT. N*w he’* dead t**.”

Me: “I’m a horrible person.”

Boyfriend: “I found a new set of letters on Craigslist. You lucky girl.”

Me: “They’re all ugly!”

Boyfriend: “*** ******* ****** ***!”

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