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He’s A Real Cat(ch)

| Romantic | August 26, 2014

(My boyfriend and I are relaxing on the couch. He’s watching television while I’m on Facebook. I call him my housecat, because he has a tendency to behave like one. I see a comic based on a television series where a teenage girl says: ‘If dumb guys want dumb girls, and smart guys like dumb girls, what do smart girls get?’ To which a man replies: ‘Cats, mostly.’ I show it to my boyfriend.)

Me: “Does this mean I’m a dumb girl?”

Boyfriend: “You’re very smart. It’s why you have me. Remember?”

(I smile and return to my Facebook.)

Boyfriend: “Why do smart girls like cats more than guys? They behave pretty much the same way.”

Me: “Because cats are fluffy.”

Boyfriend: *indignant* “I’m fluffy!”

Me: “And they don’t talk back. They just walk away if they lose interest.”

Boyfriend: “I do that!”

(I look at him like he’s insane.)

Boyfriend: *suddenly smiling* “Oh, right! Purr, purr.”

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