He’s A Few Digits Short Of A Phone Number

| Romantic | October 18, 2016

(It is the 1970s. We have an ice storm, and the electric and phone lines are down. Things are gradually being restored, and our phone rings. My sister answers; it’s her boyfriend.)

Boyfriend: “Hi, I was calling to see if your phone was working?”

Sister: “Nope. It won’t be fixed until Friday.”

Boyfriend: “Okay, I’ll call back Friday.” *click*

(My sister stares at the phone a few minutes, waiting for him to catch on, and call back. Nope. On Friday afternoon:)

Boyfriend: “Hi, I was wondering if your phone came back on yet?”

Sister: “Yes, it was working on Wednesday, last time you called.”

Boyfriend: “No, you told me it was still out, and to call back today. So, is your phone working?”

Sister: “YES! And it was working Wednesday, too. Why didn’t you call back?”

Boyfriend: “Because your phone was not working. You told me so.”

Sister: “Yes, I told you OVER THE PHONE. The phone you called me on. The phone I answered. I heard you; you heard me. It was working.”

Boyfriend: “But you told me it wouldn’t be working until today!”

(She dumped him before she hung up.)

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