He’s A Few Condiments Snort Of A Meal

| Learning | November 19, 2013

(There’s a kid in our class who does just about anything for money. One day, he gets asked to do something REALLY stupid.)

Student #1: “I will pay you $5 to snort a [popular sugar candy]!”

Student #2: “Done!”

(He proceeds to snort the popular candy and yells in pain but sniffles and snatches the $5.)

Student #2: “Told ya!”

Student #1: *grinning evilly* “I will give you $20 to snort habanero sauce!”

Student #2: “You got it!”

(The next day Student #1 brings in habanero sauce as promised, and Student #2 snorts it.)

Student #2: “Ha! I did it!”

(He snatched up the $20 dollars before his eyes went blank and his nose started bleeding. He was sent to the nurse where he collapsed; they had to have emergency services come and clean out the stuff from his nose. Turns out the hot sauce had pretty much melted the inside of his sinuses!)

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