Here’s Our Two Cents: Go Away!

, , , , | Right | September 13, 2018

(I live in Canada. We have just dropped our one-cent coin from circulation. Prices on cash transactions are now rounded up or down to the nearest five cents, while debit and credit transactions are left “as is.” This is all handled automatically by our tills, and our receipts still show the rounded cash price even on debit transactions. Shortly after the switch, we receive this through our online survey:)

Complaint: “I wish to report an act of FRAUD on the part of your restaurant. I ordered [combo], and my total was shown as $10.10. However, in reality, I was charged $10.12. This is not acceptable, as you are blatantly overcharging customers for their food. I wish to have this error corrected, and as a reward for pointing out this GRIEVOUS ERROR, I will accept my thank-you in the form of three large [sandwich] combos and a $25 gift card.”

(I don’t know if he ever got his “reward” or if anyone explained the changes to him, but he wanted over $50 in freebies over two pennies.)

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