Here’s A New Training Proposition

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I am still fairly new to my job at a call-center for a car-sharing company. We were told in training that if a caller cursed at us directly, or threatened us or the company, we would be allowed to hang up. Nothing was ever said about whether we could disconnect calls with creepers.

This day, our client’s website goes down. That also means we can’t offer much caller support, since we use the same site our client’s members do. We do a lot of apologizing and offering to call people back once the site comes back online.

Then, I get a caller who seems normal at first. He asks plenty of general questions that I can answer — average membership fee, car types available, etc. And then, out of nowhere, the guy asks me if I’m from the Midwest. I tell him yes, since we are only forbidden from specifically saying what city we’re in. He’s on the East Coast, and he offers to put me up if I ever go out there. He proposes going out for lobster and having me call him Daddy or Papa. Then, he decides that I sound like I’m his son’s age, instead, and offers to hook me up with him.

The whole time he’s doing this, I’m trying to reach out to management or the lead operators — experienced agents who take supervisor calls — to see if I can hang up on the guy, because he won’t shut up and he creeps me out. All I’m getting are responses like, “That sucks,” or, “Tell him you have other callers.” This is a caller who won’t let me get a word in edgewise, as he’s offering to buy me a schoolgirl outfit, etc.

Finally, he hangs up his own accord. The call has taken almost an hour. I get a notice from our monitoring team about taking so long on a call when the main site is down… and a very belated comment from management about, “Oh, yeah. You can totally hang up on guys like that. You don’t even have to warn them before you do. Just let us know that’s what you’re planning to do, in case they complain. Sorry you didn’t get told that in training.”

Yeah, would’ve been nice to know before I got propositioned by a creepy older guy.

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