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Here’s Hoping That Coffee Was Extra Hot

, , , | Right | February 20, 2022

I am working as waitstaff for a dinner at a nonprofit, and I’m handing out plates.

Diner: “I want a different plate from a different server.”

Me: “Why?”

Diner: “’Cause I don’t want a dirty [Hispanic slur] handling my food.”

I take his plate and hand it to a coworker, and she gives him his food. No complaints. Okay.

I come back later while there’s a speaker, and I’m pouring coffee, tea, and water.

Diner: “You’re still at my table? [Slurs] don’t belong here.”

I skipped him for coffee, assuming he’d refuse it for me. He caused a scene, demanding coffee. So, I poured. And I kept pouring. As the coffee dumped into his lap. With the entire room watching.

I got fired, but to this day, I regret nothing.

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