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Here’s Hoping She Has A Male Coworker, I Guess

, , , , | Working | November 3, 2021

I stop for gas during a road trip, and after paying for my gas at the pump, I decide to run inside to use the restroom and get some snacks and drinks. The restroom is out of paper towels but otherwise in good shape, so I just wave my hands around a bit, wipe them on my pants, and head back out.

After choosing my snacks and drinks, I head to the cash register. The cashier starts scanning my items without saying anything.

Me: “Just to let you know, the men’s restroom is out of paper towels.”

Cashier: *Annoyed, almost angry* “Well, what do you want me to do about it?”

Me: “I wasn’t sure if anybody reported it yet, so I just wanted you to be aware.”

Cashier: “Yeah, but you said the men’s restroom, so what do you want me—” *gesturing to her own body* “—to do about it?”

I chose to bite my tongue, pay for my stuff, and leave. I hope SOMEBODY replaced those paper towels eventually.

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