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Here’s A Tip: Don’t Do This

, , , , | Right | CREDIT: Anonymous by request | January 24, 2021

I serve at a popular steak house and I’m on a closing shift. I have been working there for over five years and am extremely comfortable in my job and tableside manner.

It’s coming to the end of the night and I am sat with my last table: a six-top of men in their late twenties. Sweet! I’m a woman in my twenties, and I know there is a great chance of making a nice tip. They are there to celebrate a birthday and, as expected, they order a few rounds of large drinks, big steaks, and ribs.

I get their order in and serve the first round, and after the drinks are getting low fifteen minutes later, I realize that seat six may be drunk already. There was no indication they had been drinking when they came in, and they were initially all very polite and normal. I make a mental note to avoid offering him another drink and continue on. Pretty quickly, seat six is jokingly berating me about where his ribs are, while I keep my cool and laugh it off.

Me: “They have to cook first!”

All is fine, I do my job, and then seat six starts taking my tongue and cheek as flirting. He starts saying a few crude things, but he is still PG-13, nothing I’m not used to. I’m here for the tips.

Then, the guys are all digging in, I’m checking on their food and drinks, and seat six very boldly asks:

Seat Six: “When do you get off work?”

Cue the rest of the table looking embarrassed.

Me: *With a smile* “When I’m done.”

Seat Six: “How about we go f*** in your car when you’re done?”

“EWWW!” I’m mentally screaming.

Me: “I have a boyfriend. No, thanks.”

I’m trying to be smooth and not super confrontational, just trying to awkwardly get out of this conversation.

Seat Six: “Well, I have a wife. It doesn’t matter!”

Mic drop. The whole table is shook. I’m shook.

In that moment, I really don’t care.

Me: “Well, that’s f****** disgusting. You should be ashamed!”

He tried to play it off but probably wasn’t expecting me to bite back.

The entire table was extremely embarrassed. I carried on with an annoyed smile but acted as if nothing was wrong. They paid quickly, and in their embarrassment, EVERY SINGLE GUY started throwing bigger bills at me. I finished out the night with an extra $120 in tips and a delicious feeling of girl power.