Here’s A Capital Idea: Invest In Education

| Working | February 11, 2013

Me: “Hey [coworker]! I heard this really funny thing on the radio yesterday where people couldn’t answer simple questions. You should have heard it!”

Coworker: “Oh yeah? Like what kind of questions?”

Me: “Well, there were five questions they were asking people. The first was, ‘What’s the capital of the United States?'”

Coworker: “That’s silly! It’s New York!”

Me: “Umm… no. ”

Coworker: “Umm… Virginia?”

Me: “It’s Washington, DC.”

Coworker: “Noooooo… that’s not a state!”

Me: “No, but it’s still the capital of the US.”

Coworker: “Well, I learned that in like second grade. I can’t be expected to remember that after all this time!”

(Mind you, this coworker had graduated high school earlier in the year with honors. The next day, I’m telling the story to her mother, my boss.)

Me: “Man, I asked [coworker] if she knew the capital the the US yesterday and she had no idea!”

Boss: “There is no capital!”

Me: “…Yes. Yes, there is. It’s Washington, DC.”

Boss: “Are you sure?”

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