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Here We Pokémon Go Again, Part 22

| Romantic | September 16, 2016

(Ever since its release, I have been playing Pokémon Go. My girlfriend likes Pokémon, but will not play Go. One night, I get home from work at 9:30 at night, and she is not due home until 10:30 or so. While eating dinner, I notice there is an Ekans near by. I quickly go outside and head down the street, looking for it. Upon catching it, I turn to walk home. My girlfriend happens to be driving home, and sees me. She quickly rolls down her window and speeds up to me.)

Girlfriend: *thinking one of the pets escaped and I’m out looking for it* “What are you doing?!”

Me: “Walking home…”

Girlfriend: “Why are you out walking, though?!”

Me: “What if I wanted some exercise?”

Girlfriend: “…”

Me: “There was an Ekans nearby…” *holds up phone*

Girlfriend: “OH, MY GOD!” *rolls up window and drives off home leaving me down the street*


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