Here We Pokémon Go Again, Part 2

| Portland, OR, USA | Friendly | August 23, 2016

(My roommate, his girlfriend, and I are out driving around taking care of chores. I’m in the backseat playing Pokémon Go, while his girlfriend is running both his and her copies of the app. We’re currently heading to the local DMV so I can get some information sorted out.)

Me: “Huh, there’s a Pokéstop at the DMV.”

Roommate: “Really? Pokémon Go, making people go places they really don’t want to.”

(I’m a fairly devout Christian, but I can’t resist taking the obvious jab.)

Me: “Like church?”

(There’s a brief moment of stunned silence, before his girlfriend starts shaking her head while smiling, and he starts talking while halfway laughing.)

Roommate: “Dude, that was cruel; great, but unexpectedly cruel coming from you.”

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