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Here Come The Men In Black…

, , , , | Working | June 18, 2019

(It is the day of my grandmother’s funeral. The service has just ended and the whole family is going to get lunch at a buffet in town. My parents, my younger brother, and I happen to arrive at the restaurant first, still dressed all in black and still a little bit somber. We walk inside and there are two people standing at the host stand: a young man and an older woman. The young man looks at us, smiles, and says in a cheery tone:)

Young Man: “Why the long faces? Did someone die or something?”

(We all just stare blankly at him for a moment.)

Dad: “Yes. We just came from the funeral.”

(The poor guy turned white as a sheet, sputtered out a quick apology, and ran into the kitchen. The woman face-palmed, showed us to a table, and apologized for him. Meanwhile, I was trying not to laugh at the whole situation. Whoever he was, he made a very sad day just a little bit more bearable through schadenfreude.)

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