Her Work Ethic Is A Little SKUed

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I’ve worked for this certain company since October 2019. It’s a well-known fandom store that was once an emo-based store. I was a manager for the holiday season and went back to associate for my own reasons.

A customer comes to me asking if we have a certain shirt in another size at a different store. I tell her I’ll check. There is one at another location a few miles away, and she asks if I can call them to have them place it on hold for her. This is not uncommon for our company at all, so I do so. Our store phone has just died so I call using my cellphone. I call the store to see if they have the shirt in stock, just in case our system is off or someone stole it. I even have the item number ready and what size I am looking for.

An employee answers. Usually, we give our name when we answer, but she doesn’t give a name, and she sounds extremely bored.

Me: “I am looking for a shirt, I have the SKU number and the size.”

Employee: “The what?”

I get a bit frustrated and repeat myself, and then I ask if she is ready for me to say it so she can look it up. She says yes, and I give the number and the size. She has to repeat two of the numbers, which I get if it’s noisy in the store.

Employee: “Yeah, it looks like we have one.”

Me: “Great, could you put it on hold for a customer?”

Employee: *Sigh* “Um, yeah. I don’t know where it would be, but it says we have one.”

Me: *Frustrated again* “So can you put me on hold while you look for it? I have the customer here waiting.”

Employee: *Sighing again* “Yeah. I’ll just call you back on this number once I find it.”

And she hangs up. She doesn’t ask for my name, number, or anything. She just hangs up.

She called back not even five minutes later — I could’ve sat on hold during that time, and I let the customer know what was going on — and says she has it. I ask her to put it on hold for the customer and then ask for the other store employee’s name. She gives it to me and I instantly take note to let my manager know, hoping that they talk to her manager.

My customer was very thankful and understanding and went on her merry way to go to the other store for the shirt, but seriously? If you don’t know our company’s phone etiquette, don’t know what a SKU is, don’t know how to find a shirt, and don’t know how to put it on hold, you should ask another employee for help, and you need to ask your manager for some training.

I just keep shaking my head.

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