Her Wiser Self Is Weeping Right Now

| | Right | July 25, 2008

Me: “Ma’am, may I see your ID for your credit card?”

Customer: “Why?”

Me: *points to the back* “Because it says to ‘See ID’.”

Customer: “Oh, right. I wrote that there so you can take it.”

Me: “I still need to see your ID.”

Customer: “Why? I wrote that so you know it’s me.”

Me: “Imagine if someone stole your card, told me they wrote ‘See ID’ and I accepted it?”

Customer: “But that didn’t happen, it’s really my card. Just take it!”

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  • Lis

    The number of people who ignore “see ID” or lack of signature is scary. The one guy who stopped me with it was at a convention and tried to apologize I was like “no dude I want you to be sure I’m the one using it why would I be mad?”