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Her Thinking She Can Sue You Is A True Final Fantasy

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I own my own business making custom jewellery and accessories. I also take commissions for replicas of movie and video game jewellery and accessories. To help advertise my business, I am on social media, including having a Facebook page.

My business has my name in it. For simplicity, let’s say my name is Anvi. That’s not my real name, but like my real name, it is Hindi.

My business name is something like “Anvi’s Custom Jewellery and Accessories,” sometimes shortened to “Anvi’s”.

I get a message from a woman.

Woman: “Why have you named your business ‘Anvi’s’? You are breaking my copyright! I demand you change your business name immediately!”

When I registered my business, I made thorough checks to be sure there were no other businesses with the same name or a similar name. I didn’t find any.

I explain this to the woman, asking when she set up her business with this name.

Woman: “Since I was born! You can’t just steal somebody else’s name and use it for your business! That’s illegal!”

I check the woman’s profile and realise her name is Anvi, as well.

I write back and inform her that we have the same name. I didn’t steal her name; I didn’t even know she existed until she messaged me. I used my name for my business; I didn’t steal hers.

Just to be safe, I do a bit of research and find that you cannot copyright a person’s name. I inform the woman of this, as well. She does not take it well.

Woman: “No! My parents came up with that name themselves so I would have a unique name. Your parents probably stole the name from them! I do not give you permission to use my name for your business. You have twenty-four hours to change it or I am suing you!”

A further check of her Facebook profile showed that I was seven years older than her, so my parents most definitely did not steal the name from her, not to mention that I was named after my grandmother, so the name had been around well before her parents “came up” with it.

It is certainly possible that her parents thought they made it up and were unaware the name already existed. Based on this woman’s profile picture and other photos on her account, she appeared to be white, so it was also possible she’d never come across anyone with the same name as her before and therefore thought she was the only one with that name.

Rather than waste time explaining this to the customer, I repeated that you couldn’t copyright a name and I had no intention of changing my business name, and I capped it off with several links which confirmed the name’s origin.

The woman continued to send me threatening messages demanding I change my business name. She didn’t want her name associated with, in her words, “s***ty jewellery nobody wants.” She also started demanding I change my name — not just my business name but my actual name. She said if I didn’t, she’d make sure I never did business anywhere ever again.

I reported her for abuse and blocked her. She responded by trying to report my business, and she left bad reviews which said I was a thief and a liar, I was illegally using her name, and my jewellery was ugly.

Luckily, it didn’t hurt my business in any way. In fact, it actually got me more business as customers found the woman’s complaints hilarious, so they shared the page and screenshots of the reviews, which got more traffic to my page.

This led to more jewellery orders and commissions, including a big job from a customer who commissioned a Final Fantasy-themed engagement ring for his girlfriend. Both he and his girlfriend were big fans of the games. He asked me to make the ring gem look like materia (an item in the game), which I did. He proposed, she said yes, and they loved the engagement ring so much that they commission me again to create their wedding bands and her wedding jewellery, all of which were Final Fantasy-themed.

This was one of the biggest jobs I had ever done at the time, and it was all thanks to this woman! So much for putting me out of business.

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