Her Smoking Is Making You Fuming

, , , , , | Right | December 26, 2018

It’s just after Christmas at a large, well-known retailer. I’m working the smoke shop, which is also an express lane for twenty items or less. This can cause some problems with people demanding that they be able to purchase cigarettes and check out with full carts. Usually, I refuse, especially if it’s busy because the counter and bagging area are way too small to handle large orders.

One afternoon, a woman comes barreling around the corner with a half-full cart and two children in tow. While yapping loudly on her cell phone and occasionally shouting at her kids, she tosses items onto the counter. It’s slow, so I don’t say a word and start ringing her up. Eventually, she stops talking on her phone long enough to ask for cigarettes, then goes back to her conversation. When it comes time to pay, she hands me two gift cards. Clearly written on both are the names of the children, the amount, and, “Merry Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa.”

It was a struggle to bite my tongue and not throw the gift cards back and tell her to use her own d*** money, instead of her children’s Christmas presents.

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