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Her Shift Is At Whine O’Clock

, , , , | Working | August 5, 2021

I work at a thrift store, and when I mean “work,” it actually functions more as a daycare for me, as I was deemed incapacitated due to a burnout that also gave me anxiety issues that manifest around stressful environments. Most of my coworkers are in similar situations, but we have a handful of higher-ups — the owners and store manager — who do this as their real job and are, let’s say, in a better financial place than the rest.

Our store manager has a granddaughter who is about fifteen who sometimes ”helps out” in the back. Today she’s working at my table and is instructed to polish all incoming silverware.

For the first hour, she pouts like a toddler and whines non-stop about how this ruins her nail polish and that her back hurts. All of us work standing up, but her grandmother rushes to get her a chair to sit on.

She also drops this gem.

Manager’s Granddaughter: “Eww, I can’t believe you people do this for a living! When I grow up, I will never do such low work. It’s pathetic!”

This makes me swallow the urge to punch this kid in the face, but she’s the manager’s granddaughter, so I gotta play nice!

She continues to whine and mope, and every ten minutes she treats us with a nagging:

Manager’s Granddaughter: “When is my break? Is it break time yet? Grandmah-ah-ah! Can I go on break yet?”

Come three o’clock, she jumps up and barks to our manager:

Manager’s Granddaughter: “Grandma. Come. Now. Coffee break.”

And grandmother replies:

Manager: ”Yes, my darling dear.”

The rest of the afternoon, she sits and does nothing except pout, sigh, and play on her phone. Her grandmother says nothing about it.

I happen to strike up a conversation with a coworker, and the topic goes to how my bicycle is currently falling apart and I’m contemplating whether to get a new one or repair this one. Little Miss Entitled cuts in.

Manager’s Granddaughter: “My daddy is getting me a new scooter when I turn sixteen! He let me pick it out already. It’s gonna be a pink one. It will match so cute with this helmet I saw, with sparkles on it!” 

But of course, dear, I think. I give her a “That’s nice” with a forced smile and turn back to my work, trying to ignore the continuous sighs and ughs coming from her side of the table. Yes, poor thing, it’s so hard doing absolutely nothing while I’m drowning in work!

Come the end of the day, her grandmother beams proudly.

Manager: “What a darling, isn’t she? Taking her time off her busy studying schedule to help us out! She’s going to university soon, you know. She’s so smart!”

I swear my tongue will cut in half from all the biting I did on it at this point.

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