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Her Rose-Tinted World Is Full Of Thorns

, , , | Right | September 9, 2018

(I am a sixteen-year-old female, working as a server at a small town cafe. A woman, looking to be her late 20s, wearing rose/pinkish tinted sunglasses and a pink purse, walks in and sits down in a booth. The woman seems already angry about something, but I serve her as I do with all my other customers. She orders a chicken tender meal, which I later bring out to her. I check back in a few minutes later only to find the woman’s face contorted with RAGE and DISGUST.)

Me: “Is everything okay, ma’am?”

Customer: *begins yelling* “How dare you serve these to me? What is f****** wrong with you, you fat b****! Are you trying to kill your customers?!”

Me: “I’m terribly sorry, ma’am? What seems to be the issue with the chicken?”

Customer: “Are you blind? They’re clearly raw!”

(I looked at these thoroughly-cooked chicken tenders, and, not being bold enough to call out the woman’s pink-tinted sunglasses, tried to apologize to get her to calm down. Take into account that the woman was still wearing her sunglasses inside a cafe… at night time. I tried to compensate for the food by offering her a free meal and different food, but nothing seemed to be a good enough offer for her. She became so enraged that she finally took off her sunglasses, and her eyes locked on her “raw” chicken. The light-bulb finally turned on. Her rose/pink tinted sunglasses had made inside of the chicken tender appear raw. She shot a look of pure hate into my eyes before storming out without paying for her meal.)

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