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Her Reaction Was More Than A Little Vanilla

, , , , | Right | January 2, 2021

I work at a small, family-owned cafe on the beach. We serve basic things like hotdogs and burgers, and we only have a few basic selections of ice cream.

Me: “Hello, welcome. What would you like?”

Customer: “What are your ice cream flavours?”

I point to the sign with flavours displayed.

Customer: *Not looking at the sign* “Do you have liquorice ice cream?”

Me: “No.”

I point to the sign again.

Customer: “Do you have orange? Or at least mango sorbet?!”

Me: *Pointing to the sign* “We have strawberry, vanilla, or chocolate.”

Customer: *Angry* “Well, you need to have raspberry! I mean, why don’t you have raspberry?!”

I try to explain that, because we are such a small business, we don’t have fancy ice cream flavours.

Customer: “Unbelievable!”

She stormed off.

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